Quantum Soul Practitioner & Guide Program

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Join NOW! Quantum Soul School: 2024 has begun, OPEN Enrollment NOW

CLICK HERE Enrollment Application for Full Quantum Soul School Program 2024 (3 month length)CLICK

Elasa has reopened Quantum Soul School 2024!


The time is now! You are here, and we are ready for what’s being created by our abilities to align as true Source to what each being is called to create, become, and assist others to do the same and more. This program is for the Quantum Souls aligned to work with Elasa, crew and inner being guidance to become Quantum Soul Practitioners, Awakened Full Potential Souls, Channelers, Guides, and/or Inventors of the New Quantum Healing Tools streaming from your very being.

This course work is important yes, but what is more important is your willingness to show up and see what comes through your as your activations occur through our time together and beyond. 

You can jump in at anytime in 2024 and jump into the course, classes and events as they are fitting your present schedule. Elasa will roll over the course, classes and retreats 4 times this year, so if you miss something you will attend online or next round each season.

Day Quantum Soul Channeler & Guide Workshop for Autumn 24’ July 28th 11:00am-4:00pm: 

(*if you miss this you can attend TBA next one in November)

This day workshop will be intensive to get prepped with tools of:

  • body sway muscle testing
  • attuning to your best intuition type
  • How to be a clear channel
  • different aspects of self understanding
  • understanding dimensions, planes of existence
  • understanding the Quantum Field
  • Heart and mind coherence practices to share
  • your Quantum Soul Avatar Body Technology.

Additionally you will get guidance from Elasa on how to best facilitate as a Soul Guide, Channeler, and Practitioner via getting clear communication to I am Presence, Client’s I am Presence, Benevolent Source, their Guides, or another aspect of consciousness. 

As a Quantum Soul Awakened to knowing that all who comes to you are also Quantum Souls, who have all the same gifts that you have, your goal will be to offer them education on how to get connected for their own daily answers and self communications, and how to remember their wholeness state of existence and abilities at large.

Our time together you will also be practicing in group setting downloading intel, and then partner up to trade Quantum Soul Practitioner Sessions to offer guidance and practice sharing needed tips on getting clear body sway results.

As you grow in your own practice to self communicate, channel and receive your own upgrades so will your inner additional training come forth beyond our time together. 


Quantum Soul School Fridays 1:00pm-2:22pm: Over the 3 months your additional alignment and downloads will come through weekly with attending Quantum Soul School Fridays (weekly 1pm-2:22pm).  Elasa will go over what’s being called for each week to cover from many different topics that she will channel from her I am presence and benevolent Source Consciousness of what your group is needing as higher priorities and sometimes brand new delivery of higher intel. Elasa will upload known weeks as she gets the higher guidance of what’s needed to the group. Otherwise prepared to align, grow, and download. 

Each Friday of the 3 months will be recorded for replay as needed (Friday class weeks of September 19th and 26th Elasa will film from France, so no local class those two Thursdays)

If you are local to best to attend each Friday, otherwise if you are not local please ask for zoom link to watch live or each week watch replay.

Monthly Mentoring Soul Sessions for the 3 month enrollment period

Ultimately those who arrive will have unique offerings to bring forward as Quantum Soul Creators, so Elasa and you will meet monthly to do Quantum Soul Mentorship Sessions for additional skill training, and any personal Soul Work being called to do for best arrival to your NEW Highest Potential Template. Once enrolled Elasa will ask for your first request of Mentorship Soul Session schedule request, (hour sessions unless needed to go longer no longer than 2 hours).

Additional Online Watch at your own pace pre-recorded Coursework will include over 3 months:

  • Akashic Records Advanced Course: Learn how to access your own and others Akashic Records for self mastery, and guiding Quantum Soul Sessions. 
  • Quantum Interstellar StarSHIP & MEDBED AURA Course: Study the Aura and its higher medbed and starship abilities for mastery, and to align to new levels of Quantum Soul Interstellar Innerstandings.
  • RAYkeys Course: Learn how to facilitate 1-12 RayKEYS of light for meditations, and for Quantum Soul Sessions.
  • Quantum Soul Awakens COURSE: This course will share vibrational keys to assist self and others to a new way of being that is aligned to love-light. This will then re-awaken the body, your soul, and quantum soul ablities that are beyond time.


This is offered locally to those in Tampa Bay Area, as well as there is an international forum for those are not able to come to the center, via online coursework, remote monthly Soul Sessions, and zoom links for attending events/classes that are in the center.

If you are aligned to this opportunity please fill out the application above, and Elasa will share insights and schedule.

There are also additional work-trade opportunities that are in house at R3 Miracles as well as online VA position.

If your Soul brought you here, and your still needing clarity of this opportunity and how you fit in, set up a consultation with Elasa, or come to an event above so you can feel what’s possible.

See you soon! Elasa

All classes, 1 day Workshop, and your monthly session is included in the cost of this program: $999 or $333 over 3 months. 

FYI: All Community is Invited to the Quantum Soul School Friday Classes:

FRIDAY 1PM-2:22PM CLASSES. This is a great way to build a Super-conscious Community, Skill training for self and to get a taste of what we study deeper in the 2024 Quantum Soul School Program: Practitioner, Inventor, & Researcher

Below are the intended 1st month of Fridays Topics however if Elasa is guided to share something of higher priority each week she may shift content as needed.

1st Friday’s Akashic Records: gain clarity from within on any topic ever needed moment to moment; and learn how to do daily akashic records on self, using body sway muscle testing, and the akashic soul pro app. 

2nd Friday’s Interstellar Abilities: Learn about how to best navigate new nows knowing that all that is seemly out there as a reality that you have no control over, to knowing that all that is out there is actually within you, and you are indeed at the helm of your starship and reality projector via your thoughts, feelings, deeds, actions, and beliefs.

3rd Friday’s Awakening Eternal Nature: Awakening to the knowing that you are eternal, that you are pure source energy having experiences based on your current knowledge of self, and align to knowing why you are here.

4th Friday’s Quantum Mechanics: Learn practices that will assist you on this journey of awakening to the finite to infinite reality creation mode, how the planes of existence, realms, and your different aspects work together to exist multidimensional until deeper mergers are centripetal and negentropic.

**Classes build on each other best to come to all beginner and adept; additional material arrives to Elasa in flow state and will cover what comes through each session as needed for the present group(s).



 Enrollment Application for Full Quantum Soul School Program 2024